A group of dog lovers

Pixel Monster

Our product designs put the dogs first. We consider dogs a part of the family, which means we want to give them someone comfortable and fashionable. Nothing makes our hearts fuller than seeing an excited pup running down the road in one of our products.


For us, pet fashion is an exciting world full of unlimited possibilities. We explore new design schemes, create unique clothing patterns, and experiment with design elements that are both interesting and functional. Our goal is to create not only quality products but also exquisite gifts that make your pet beautiful and happy.

Keep high standard

Exclusive design

Your dog deserves to feel happy and relaxed, which is why each clothing item, bandana, and leash is carefully designed for maximum comfort. We know each dog is unique, so we offer a wide variety of fabrics and accessories to accommodate different sizes and body shapes.

Premium materials

We have high standards when it comes to product materials. Only safe, healthy, and qualified fabrics should touch your dog's skin. Our suppliers produce high-end materials that we hand-pick to ensure beauty, texture, and durability.


Quality takes time, which is why we stay away from mass-produced materials. Our products are 100% hand-made by skilled craftsmen. As per our requirements, they put a higher priority on product detail than speed and efficiency.